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We focus on helping our clients to succeed with all modern technologies, for which we don’t only support your technical issues but we work with you to digitally transform all your business activities to achieve your ultimate vision.

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According to comprehensive visions aware of the needs of digital transformation.ts


To suit your different business needs and expectations


A team of professional consultants to guide your business on the right way


All the time to ensure the stability of your business without interruptions

Why choose us?

  • If you are looking to digitally transform your organization into a technology driven environment, or you hope to examine and audit your existing technology resources, or implement a new batch, our experienced approach will certainly help you analyze your needs and develop a complete plan that will be properly implemented.
  • At Intelldigit, we offer cutting-edge digital solutions that help organizations and individuals lead their business agility and speed.
  • We depend on the world famous Odoo platform for our services, which provides easy-to-use management and development tools.

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The trust of our customers is the main motivation for our progress, and they are the reason for our constant insistence on development and adding more innovations

Digital transformation and technological advancement are connecting various industries with many new technical tools

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Food & Beverage

Manufacturing & Assembly


Wholesale & Retail


What is Odoo

It is integrated open-source business management software that helps small businesses grow and develop.
Odoo provides customizable operations, provides complete company visibility, enforces data checks and workflows, and integrates with third-party applications.

  • It is a comprehensive and integrated solution for various organizations.
  • Mobile Win
  • Windows Disktop
  • iOS App
  • Andriod App

Why Choosing Odoo

  • The digital transformation that Odoo offers is best suited for organizations experiencing development and fundamental transformations in their industries.
  • Companies are revising their business paradigms with digital transformation, becoming more competitive and maximizing ROI in implementing ERP.

You can achieve all of this and more with Odoo.

  • Open source
  • Integration capabilities
  • A central database
  • Competitive price
  • Easy to install and use
  • Cloud Solutions

Conduct continuous updates and sequential developments with the help and contribution of members of the Odoo community.
In addition to its core modules, the Odoo App Store offers over 14,000 third-party apps and plug-ins.

They designed specifically to meet the needs of users.
Odoo is currently one of the most popular open-source ERP software available